White Brief card is a high grammage Uncoated smooth card. Also called Ivory card in the paper industry.

Brief Card is a premium quality high smoothness Uncoated White Card that provides excellent printability and runnability. Available in sheet and reel form and is ideal for photo base paper for ink jet printing, greeting card, name card, hang tags, etc.



Substance : 230 gsm
Size : 20" x 25", 25" x 37" & 31" 43"
Available brand : IK BRIEF & PINDO BRIEF

Also available in various substances in reel and sheet forms.


A tough, rough or harsh and usually brown in color, manufactured using kraft pulp, Usually noted for its strength.

Substance : 95, 120 gsm
Size : 48" x 36"
Enduse : Grocery bags, multiwall sacks, envelopes and other packaging.


100% Recycled strong ribbed brown paper for all packaging and wrapping requirements.

Substance : 38 & 55 gsm
Size : 35" x 47"


This non-archival paper mainly made from recycled paper and is widely in the newspaper publication, comic book etc.

Substance : 48.8 gsm
Size : 24" 36" & 31" x 43"
Available brand : Aspex, Setiakwan & Agung.



A lightweight, unglazed and cockle finishes paper usually used with carbon paper to make multiple copies for office stationery

Standard colours are : White, Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink
Substance : 30 gsm
Size : 24" x 36"


Glassine is a very thin, tanslucent paper which is grease, air, and water resistant. This paper can also prevent damage from spilling, exposure or rubbing. Glassine adhesive tape has been used in book repair. It is used in food service as a barrier between strips of products (for example: meat, baked goods).

Substance : 31 gsm (White)
Size : 20" x 30" & 30" x 40"
Enduse : Food wrapping /packaging, protective layer or interleave for Photo Album/book bimding. Firecracker packaging etc.



This paper has good resistance to oil or grease and are normally used in cooking or food packaging that prevents fats or oil from soaking through. With very low porosity, this paper is supercalendered to further improve the density creating a paper called glassine. This paper has been waterproofed by treatment with wax or paraffin. It normally comes in bleached and unbleached.

Substance : 38 gsm ( White )
Size : 30" x 40"
Enduse : Food packaging, use in cooking.


It is a thin ,transparent sheet used to cover copies and books.

It is widely used in the wrapping scopes of food, medicament, cigarettes, battery, fishing rod and cable with the unique performances of no toxin, odorless, no static electricity and no contaminant. It has good stiffness, transparent and printability using common ink. The cellophane products can be disinfected as food wrapping materials at the temperature of 190 without deformation. There is very good air permeability between the molecule groups of cellophane that is favorable for keeping goods fresh. As cellophane is made of natural raw material, it can be easily degraded in the environment and is popularly used in the world.

Substance : 30 gsm
Size : 35.4" x 39.4" ( 90 x 100cm )



A product manufactured using synthetic resin derived from petroleum as its primary material, which while maintaining the characteristics of the material, offers several qualities similar to that of paper made primarily from wood pulp, most typically its white and opaque appearance as well as its printing and processing capabilities. Weatherproof and execent for outdoor application.

Substance : 150 gsm
Size : 31" x 43"


This is an acid free tissue paper in  MG or MF  finishing which is  ideal material  for packing food  clothes, gift, fruits, porcelain, leather metal products etc.  Acid Free Tissue  Paper is made from  100% wood pulp and produed  under high temperature, without acid.  It has excellent strength, well natural brightness, well uniformity and folding endurance.

This lightweight paper can be made both from virgin and recycled paper pulp. Key properties are: strength & absorbency.

Substance : 17 gsm
Size : 25" x 44"