Sinar Spectra has been designed for trouble-free use in all your office machines as well as offseting printing.

Features and Benefits :
  1. Suitable for use on copiers, ink jet printers, laser printers, plain paper fax, & offset presses.
  2. Dependable runnability.
  3. Produces sharp, clear copies & prints.
  4. Compatible with all types of copiers, ink jet printers, laser printers, plain paper fax & offset presses.
  5. Wide variety of colours to choice from, ranging from LIGHT pastel colours, DEEP and CYBER Colours for excellent image contrast.
Available GSM : 75, 80, 110, 120, and 160 gsm.
Size : 33.3" x 23.6", 25" x 35.5"
Colours available :
LIGHT : Ivory, Creamish, Yellow, Peach, Rose, Pink, Lavender, Ocean Blue, Lagoon & Green.
DEEP : Lemon, Gold, Saffron, Red, Parrot, Turquise
CYBER : Cyber Green, Cyber Yellow, Cyber Pink, Cyber Red, Cyber Orange.


Light substance of selected colours suitable for printing of office stationery.
Also suitable for interlay application.

Available GSM : 50 gsm.
Colour Available : Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink
Size : 24" x 36" & 31" x 43"



A wide variety of colours usually used in office stationery such as folder, files etc. as well as school project. Its hard & rigid surface makes it outstanding and popular in these applications.

Available :
GSM 220 320
SIZE 20" x25" & 25" x 30" 22" x 28.5"

Colour Available : White, Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink, Buff, Orange